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From 10.5. 2013 is possible to use Configurator of Actuators to specify the price of our electric actuators.

On our website by selecting the type of actuator, e.g.: MON, you can run the application „Configurator of actuators“. After choosing the size of the actuator e.g. :MON type No. 52032, it is possible to select a specific model  and equipment for required actuator, which are additional numbers of actuator identification. When selecting a model and equipment the price is continuosly calculated.

The resulting price is for information only and is not binding. However, this should be the maximum price. This price may not be definitive, demander may receive a rebate on the price. Its amount may affect the quantity of ordered actuators, cooperation in the past or final customer value. The actual price is necessary to verify with the manufacturer.

In the Configurator of actuators are not listed special design actuators and actuators designed for nuclear power plants. With regard to the nature of their application prices are made on the basis of specific requests.

In our view using the Configurator of actuators for pricing creation is useful tool to determine the approximate prices of actuators  ZPA Pečky a.s., which will be welcomed not only our existing customers, but also the potential customers and especially planners, investment department staff and maintenance staff when planning the funds required for the production of our actuators.