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There are newly added 3D models of electric actuators in Catalogue section. 3D models are available for download here.

ZPA Pecky, a.s., the producer of electric actuators Modact® has been certified by the Physical Testing Institute (FTZU) Ostrava Radvance, and since June 2006 placed into its manufacturing program multi-turn actuators Mo EEx type no. 52120 – 52125 with electric motors 4KTC, available either in versions without position transmitters or in versions with current transmitter CPT1/AF, designed for application in working environments with surrounding temperature from -50°C up to +55°C). The new completion of electric actuators MO EEx includes a new terminal box with secured design „e“ ( EEx e II T4) transversally located on the actuator.

The marking of these electric actuators will be provided with the letter F wich will be situated on the last spot of the type number: example 5212x . xxxxF. The designation of explosion-proof equipment ,in all designations of explosion-proof design actuators, that belong to the subgroup of the group II will change from C to B, example EEx de IIB4.

The Electric actuators MO EEx were kompleted with new terminal box with secured design „e“ ( EEx e II T4), which is locate crosswise on the actuator. There are 3 sizes of following cable bushings used by this new terminal box, that provides more options for bringing down cables: 1 pcs M20x1,5 ‚ Ø kable 10 - 16 mm.

The new terminal box can be even equipped with local kontrol. Local control is used to control aktuator from the spot of the instalation. It consists of two selector switches with positions remute control – off – local control. The first selector switcher can be built-in two-pole or four-pole. The selektor switchers are situated in terminal box and control elements on the terminal box cover.

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