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MODACT ®  MOKPED Ex electric actuators in non-explosive version Ex d IIC 80°C (T6) and Ex d IIB 80°C (T6) are intended for control and operation in an environment with danger of explosion of explosive gaseous atmosphere in zone 1 and zone 2 according to EN 60079-10 (332320), and for areas with flammable dust in zone 21 and zone 22 according to EN 50281-3 (332330). The actuators are designed in compliance with the standards EN 60079-0:2004 and EN 60079-1:2004 for explosive gaseous atmosphere and with the standard EN 50281-1-1 for areas with flammable dust.

Technical data

Type number523205232152322
Tripping torque [Nm]16-10063-250250-600
Tripping force [kN]   
Adjusting time [s/90°]10-8010-8010-160
Position-changing velocity[min-1]   
Working stroke[°]90-16090-16090-160
Supply voltage1x 230 V, 50 Hz
24 V, 50 Hz   
1 x 110 V, 50 Hz   
3 x 230 / 400 V, 50 Hz
ControlTwo position On-Off
Three position
Position sensingResistance transmitter (R)   
Digital (I)
Current transmitter (I)   
Position interrupt
Torque-initated interrupt
Manual actuation
Explosion-proof design
Type of enclosureIP 67IP 67IP 67
Weight - depending on design (Al/cast iron) and on motor [kg]1018,531


MODACT ® MOKPED Ex electric actuators are designed for control and working applications in hazardous explosive environment in accordance with EN 50014 and EN 50018, zone 1 (former SNV2) and zone 2 (former SNV1) in accordance with EN 60079-10.

The actuators are used for control of fittings by reverse rotation movement in remote control and automatic control circuits. They can be used for other appropriate units as well. Special applications should be discussed with the manufacturer.

MODACT® MOKPED EEx Control electric actuators have electronic position control. They are used as terminal elements of physical value control circuits. The actuators are mounted on control units. Connection values comply with ISO 5211 or DIN 3337 specifications. The actuators can also be used for areas with flammable dust according to EN 50281-1-3.

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