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The MODACT® MTN actuators are used for remote two-position or three-position control of the valves by a reverse rectilinear motion. The MODACT® MTN CONTROL actuators are fitted with an electronic position controller. In association with the valve exhibiting a suitable control characteristic, they form a position servo-loop. The output pull-rod of these actuators is automatically brought into a position corresponding to the input signal value of the controller.

Technical data

Type number52 44252 443
Tripping torque [Nm]  
Tripping force [kN]11,5-2525-63
Adjusting time [s/90°]  
Position-changing velocity[min-1]  
Working stroke[°]  
Supply voltage1x 230 V, 50 Hz  
24 V, 50 Hz  
1 x 110 V, 50 Hz  
3 x 230 / 400 V, 50 Hz
ControlTwo position On-Off
Three position
Position sensingResistance transmitter (R)
Current transmitter (I)
Position interrupt
Torque-initated interrupt
Manual actuation
Explosion-proof design  
Type of enclosureIP 55IP 55
Weight - depending on design (Al/cast iron) and on motor [kg]33-4560-81


The actuators can be used even for other devices for which they are in respect of their characteristics and parameters suitable. In some special cases, the contemplated use of the actuators should be consulted with the manufacturer.

Files for download:

3D modelzip7.23 MB